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What Can Bots Do?

You might not even know it, but there are bots out there feeding on your website, eating up your bandwidth and scraping your site content. Stealing from you!

Read more about what types of bots you can block.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What women would like men to do.

The off plan for outsmart female fat: inactivity.

Block the estrogen receptor for breast cancer prevention: raloxifene.

Menopause and hormone replacement therapy (hrt): possible side effects of progestogens used in hrt.

The menopause gateway: help is on the way.

Controlling our reproductive destiny: legal principles - t + 1.

Premenstrual syndrome: how to help yourself - diet.

Fwomens problems: when the egg is not fertilized.

Alexander procedures for pregnancy and labour: the monkey.

Getting pregnant: unexpected labor events.

Benefits Of Blocking Unwanted Bots

  • Reduced bandwidth costs
  • Reduced server load from illegitimate traffic
  • Stop email scrapers
  • Stop image scrapers
  • Stop copy scrapers
  • Stop snoopers!


Say Good Morning

When you say good morning in bed, embrace your wife and give her a sweet kiss. Don't rash through the process— instead, enjoy the moment. This is as if you are saying, "We are starting this new day together. I am acknowledging that you are here with me, I am grateful to find you in my bed, I am grateful to have you in my life." It is a recommitment to the relationship. It makes the day sacred with your love.

How it feels to a woman: We feel our day is already happy because you are loving us. We feel we can handle anything the day brings because we had this special moment.

Say Good-bye

When you say good-bye, even if it is a brief moment before you walk out the door, stop for at least ten seconds, give your partner a hug or kiss (not a distracted peck on the cheek), and say something like "Have a good day, darling." This is a way of blessing her, of sending her off on her day with your love, and of taking a token of her love with you as you step out into the world.

How it feels to a woman: We feel like you are glad we will be there when you come home. We feel as if you have protected us with a shield of love

Say Good Night

When you reach over to say good night, wish her a sweet sleep, and tell her you love her. Take a moment to look into her eyes and smile so that she knows you are happy that you are ending the day together. Then whatever she went through during the day will have been worth it.

How it feels to a woman: A sweet good night means so many things to a woman—we hear "/ love you," "I am so glad to be sleeping next to you," "I am here, watching over you." Your words make us feel safe and happy.

Each day of life is truly a gift, and the time we spend with the people we love is precious. If you allow her to, a woman will help you experience the joy and sweetness of that gift of time as she creates special moments of celebration that turn the everyday into the magical.


Women’s health

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