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What Can Bots Do?

You might not even know it, but there are bots out there feeding on your website, eating up your bandwidth and scraping your site content. Stealing from you!

Read more about what types of bots you can block.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What women would like men to do.

The off plan for outsmart female fat: inactivity.

Block the estrogen receptor for breast cancer prevention: raloxifene.

Menopause and hormone replacement therapy (hrt): possible side effects of progestogens used in hrt.

The menopause gateway: help is on the way.

Controlling our reproductive destiny: legal principles - t + 1.

Premenstrual syndrome: how to help yourself - diet.

Fwomens problems: when the egg is not fertilized.

Alexander procedures for pregnancy and labour: the monkey.

Getting pregnant: unexpected labor events.

Benefits Of Blocking Unwanted Bots

  • Reduced bandwidth costs
  • Reduced server load from illegitimate traffic
  • Stop email scrapers
  • Stop image scrapers
  • Stop copy scrapers
  • Stop snoopers!

Join The Free BotSense .htaccess Beta Test

We welcome you to test out our latest beta tool called BotSense .htaccess. The beta tool will allow you to easily create a .htaccess file to put on your server, blocking bots you specify, saving you time and money, and most importantly, giving you back control. The Beta is free.

Reasons why users apply for recovery:
1. Lost the source files of the main site;
2. We decided to create grids from thematic sites;
3. We decided to work with drops;
4. Need to research the information;
5. Need to get information;
6. You need to get a website layout design;
7. For the site that is being created, you need a stub.
Most often, the site is removed from the hosting due to non-payment. This can happen for a number of reasons, for example, the owner of the site has lost mail data, or the mail has been hacked, and he can’t log in and extend the payment. And most often the customer is to blame. Therefore, you always need to register a site only with your mail. Another important reason is viruses.

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