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What Can Bots Do?

You might not even know it, but there are bots out there feeding on your website, eating up your bandwidth and scraping your site content. Stealing from you!

Read more about what types of bots you can block.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What women would like men to do.

The off plan for outsmart female fat: inactivity.

Block the estrogen receptor for breast cancer prevention: raloxifene.

Menopause and hormone replacement therapy (hrt): possible side effects of progestogens used in hrt.

The menopause gateway: help is on the way.

Controlling our reproductive destiny: legal principles - t + 1.

Premenstrual syndrome: how to help yourself - diet.

Fwomens problems: when the egg is not fertilized.

Alexander procedures for pregnancy and labour: the monkey.

Getting pregnant: unexpected labor events.

Benefits Of Blocking Unwanted Bots

  • Reduced bandwidth costs
  • Reduced server load from illegitimate traffic
  • Stop email scrapers
  • Stop image scrapers
  • Stop copy scrapers
  • Stop snoopers!



  • Avoid induction
  • Induce at mother's or caregiver's convenience
  • Non-drug methods

Sexual intercourse, orgasm

Nipple stimulation


Acupuncture or acupressure

Stripping membranes

Cervical dilators

Artificial rupture of membranes

- Herbs and drugs

Herbal preparations

Homeopathic solutions

Castor oil


Synthetic oxytocin

Prolonged active labor

  • Walk, change positions, take a bath
  • Non-drug methods
  • Herbs and/or drugs

Prolonged pushing

  • Time spent before interventions
  • Rest from pushing
  • Change positions
  • Directed pushing
  • Pitocin
  • Vacuum extractor, forceps, and/or episiotomy

Maternal exhaustion

  • Rest, relaxation skills
  • Bath, dim lights, privacy
  • Drugs to aid relaxation or sleep

Suspected fetal distress

  • Mother changes position, uses oxygen
  • Fetal scalp stimulation to evaluate fetal well-being
  • Amnioinfusion
  • Continuous electronic fetal monitoring, internal scalp electrode
  • Cesarean