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Site Downloading Bots : Bots that download all content found on the target site

Why should I block these bots?
This type of bot also known as an "Offline Browsing Bot" will download your entire site including all images and other media. This type of bot will waste bandwidth, server resources and slow down your site.

Media Harvesting Bots : Bots that seek and download all media files from target sites

Why should I block these bots?
Media bots will crawl your site and download all media types specified by the user. Users will never see your site as intended and will easily bypass any type of products or other revenue generating portions of your site. Media bots waste bandwidth and steal your content without any benefit to the site owner.

Email Harvesting Spam Bots : Bots that seek any email address found on the target site for spam use

Why should I block these bots?
Email "Spam" bots crawl your web site in search of email addresses which can be used for spam. These bots are a complete waste of bandwidth and server resources offer no benefit to site owners. These should always be blocked.

Surveillance Bots : Bots that crawl your site looking for certain types of content/media

Why should I block these bots?
This type of bot is specifically engineered to gather information for varios purposes of which your website does not necessarily receive any benefit.

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